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[ laughter ] >> bret: that's real. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report." report." fair, balanced, unafraid. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is "fox report." tonight, united states troops on the offensive in afghanistan. a new push and a firefight caught on video. plus, the soldier who admits he and his fellow troops murdered innocents for fun. also tonight -- know how the feds can tap your phone? [ dialing ] >> hello? >> shepard: well, now they're reportedly trying to figure out how to intercept conversations on skype, on blackberry, and even on facebook. tonight, the secret new push for eavesdropping in cyber space.
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moments of chaos on a passenger plane. >> brace for an attack. >> heads down, heads down. heads down. >> shepard: tonight, more video from the j.f.k. emergency landing, and what we've now learned about the hero pilot at the controls. plus, new details about how the millionaire owner of the segway company just died on a segway. but first, from fox this monday night, the major push in afghanistan. and a big one in to kandahar. plus in marjah, they are stepping up the fight. we are witness. watch this. >> right over here. southeast of us. >> roger. we're going to break. [ gunfire ] hey! >> c'mon! [bleep] >> all right, samuels. [ gunfire ]
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>> hit that compound. that lower compound there, that is to the mosque seekers. >> look. [ gunfire ] >> hey -- [ inaudible ] i'm trying to bail irvin out. you're going to have to support yourself for a minute. [ helicopter whirring ] >> shepard: "associated press" camera man camtured all of that -- captured that in southern city of marjah near the stronghold of kandahar, where the coalition today launched a major offensive. the new military push is hardly a secret. american leaders have been building up troops and talking about this for many months now. a key part of the pentagon strategy for the war, and now it's begun. conor powell streaming live from kabul. what do we know? >> reporter: when president
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obama sent additional 30,000 american troops to afghanistan in december, the bulk of them went straight to kandahar, so you're right, this was no secret. the operation has long been in the works. kandahar is the taliban spiritual home and it's also a base of operations where they launch attacks in places like marjah and around the country. it is a major, major place for the taliban. and the u.s. has long focussed on trying to root out taliban in that area. doing so simply won't be easy. the taliban has a lot of support in that area and the afghan government is not popular in kandahar. military planners have said there will simply be no success in afghanistan if there is not success first in kandahar. across the country in eastern afghanistan over the weekend, the u.s. military launched a raid in pakistani territory soil. this has drawn large rebukes from the pakistani government who said it's a violation of their territory and sovereignty. the u.s. military launched the attack after being attacked from pakistan.
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and sent in helicopter, gunships and killed more than two or three dozen or so insurgents who were based in pakistan. the u.s. military says they simply have the right to defend themselves. it's within the legal framework of two countries. but pakistan leadership has been vocal and complained loudly. in private, they defended the attack as their war against the taliban across afghanistan and in pakistan. >> shepard: conor powell live early tuesday morning in kabul. a united states soldier is describing how his unit took part in murdering innocent afghan civilians for fun. that is how he describes it. in the soldier's own videotaped confession. it's now the centerpiece of a military hearing at fort lewis mcchord in washington state. total of five soldiers accused of premeditated murder in deaths of three people. one accused soldiers, jeremy morlock who told military
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investigators his units, "crazy sergeant randomly chose three unarmed innocent civilians. s warlock quotes his commander as saying, "all right, wax this guy. kill this guy. kill this guy." the investigator asked about one victim saying did you see him present any weapons? was he aggressive toward you at all? morelock said he responded no, not at all. nothing. he wasn't a threat. the official charging document show all the murders took place this year. there are reports that the soldiers took drugs and kept body parts from the murdered civilians as souvenirs. morlock's lawyers insist he made the confession under heavy, heavy medication. but if it goes to court-martial and they're convicted they could get the death penalty. now wiretap on the web. fed asking for ability to eavesdrop on you anywhere. whether you're talking,
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texting or using facebook status, updating it. investigators use at one point just wiretapped your phone line. but the national security expert say it's not so easy to listen in on a blackberry for instance or internet phone service like skype. that is helping terror suspects operate off the radar they tell us. now the "new york times" reports the white house is asking about congress to do something about it. but there are questions what it could mean for privacy and internet security. shannon breem live in d.c.. what is the plan here? >> reporter: government agencies say they have the authority to get the information but they don't always have the access. that's because some technology companies don't the programs in place to do things like unscramble encrypted messages or intercept communications. that's what the government plans to ask them to do. it may mandate it. teresa pay top who worked in the bush 43 white house says when you fight terrorist and drug cartel, there is no time for delay. >> when human lives are at
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stake, we want to be able to in a quick fashion, be able to get as much evidence as possible to figure out who is at stake, what will happen, where it might happen. >> reporter: notice we did the interview via skype and it's a company that could be impacted. >> shepard: there are concerns about privacy, but very much about security. >> reporter: absolutely. they say any time you create security holes the critics, even if you go after the bad guys you may ends up empowering them. this is greg nodine for center from democracy and technology. > >> the danger with creating backdoor, bad guys can find a backdoor and gain access themselves. >> reporter: it could also be cost prohibtive for small start-up companies so good at innovation in the u.s. . >> shepard: what is the thinking of the odds of getting something like this through congress? >> reporter: we all know that president bush fought a lot of battles during his
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presidency about this. every time he pushed for wiretapping or different searches or reaches in americans' lives there was pushback on capitol hill. so we have to question how this president, this administration will fare. we understand the white house wants to get this to capitol hill early next year. a lot of predictions from people i talk to today, that there will be a lot of pushback from both sides of the aisle. americans are very strident about their privacy. shep? >> shepard: shannon bream live this washington. thanks. a weather alert now. days of rain cess, veer storms causing flooding across many part of the midwest. emergency officials in wisconsin warning some residents near the wisconsin river to stay away from their homes. from the video, you can see why. a cameraman shot this video from a boat on what is supposed to be a street, not a river. homes surrounded with water. some floodwaters have now receded. but officials tell us they are worried that a levee could burst and cause major damage. >> there are 100 homes back there that have been ordered
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to evacuate. that was 24 hours ago. you see everyone has not heeded the evacuation order. officials here are worried if the wisconsin river does completely push out the levee they say is already failing, that road is not going to stand a chance. everyone back there will be stuck on an island. >> shepard: that was chris woodard from wmtv. the mayor of a town southeast of minneapolis he says the flood is so bad there, he hopes they can survive. scott wasserman is there now. what is the scene like there now? >> reporter: 60 of the 90 homes destroyed. the biercade is behind -- barricade is up behind me. people went in and they found nothing left. one lady telling me she was able to grab her mother's ashes off the mantle in time before the floodwaters got in. 20 businesses are gone. >> shepard: a lot of people's
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homes flooded. where are they going? >> they're going to their aunts, uncle's, anywhere to find a place. neighbors have taken people in. the community like this here in minnesota gathers together. they are tight-knit. but a lot of people fear they will not rebuild. the mayor of hamon a few miles down the road is not going to rebuild. she's moving out of town. >> shepard: scott wasserman live from the twin cities tonight. thank you. developing news today from inside the nuclear nation of north korea. it now appears the dictator there kim jong il just made an enormous move. historic for that country. one that could determine who takes control of that nation when he's gone. details coming up inside "fox report." plus, 64 people were on a flight headed to new york when the pilot delivered a grim warning. there was a bad problem with the landing gear and he could not fix it. >> we will proceed to j.f.k.
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and execute landing there. >> shepard: that's the video. sparks from inside the plane. passengers' stories what it was like when the ring started to scrape the runway. that's just ahead from the journalists of fox news tonight on the "fox report." [ male announcer ] this is steven, a busy man. his day starts with his arthritis pain. that's breakfast with two pills. the morning is over, it's time for two more pills. the day marches on, back to more pills. and when he's finally home... but hang on; just two aleve can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is steven, who chose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels.
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♪ [ female announcer ] mousse temptations by jell-o. decadently delicious. 60 calories. it's finally me o'clock. time for jell-o. try new chocolate mint sensation. >> shepard: what a scare for a bunch of delta passengers. feds are investigating what caused the landing gear to malfunction on the passenger
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debt over the weekend in new york state. meantime, witnesses describe moments of panic and a lot of prayer, after the captain declared their plane was in trouble. >> completely obvious, i want to confirm we're declaring an emergency. >> shepard: that was the beginning of a terrifying journey for the passengers and crew on board the flight. it was headed to white plains, new york. but with the landing gear crippled, the pilot circled new york city instead and burned off fuel and planned for an emergency landing at j.f.k. one passenger got out his cell phone and shot this video. showing well, the fear as the plane approached the landing. >> some passengers prayed and the flight attendants did their job. one screaming over and over
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to prepare for impact and stay down. >> stay down. stay down! >> shepard: the plane landed on its left wheels. and then as the pilot fought to control it, the right wing dipped and dragged right along the tar mac. you can see the sparks out the window. but there was no fire and ultimately nobody got hurt. [ applause ] >> it was pretty intense. >> i really think the pilot did an incredible job. i do. he must have balanced it on one wheel. eased it over to the wing. he did a great job. i was nervous for a minute. i will tell you. >> shepard: who wouldn't be? a lot of passengers were. earlier today on "studio b" said he took out his phone for a different reason. >> i had my friend out to send text message to my girlfriend, i love you and tell my friends i lover them. >> shepard: but he said the message didn't send because the phone was in airplane mode. we're also hearing more
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tonight about the hero pilot who was at the control of the twin engine bombardier jet. the airline won't release his name because the incident is under investigation. you can see him here talking with passengers and the "new york daily news" newspaper reports his name was jack conroyd. his mother tells the paper her son is a retired lieutenant navy commander and said to me he's a hero. one man who seems to agree is chesley sullenberger, the u.s. airlines pilot who landed plane in the hudson river. he spoke to the news about saturday's landing and said, "i commend the crew for ensuring a successful outcome for everybody on board." one of the guests on "studio b" today said this guy is our sully. now the disaster in the gulf and the leader of the president's commission investigating the b.p. spill are blasting the government for underestimating the flow of oil at first, just as we were reporting all along. the final number turned out to be 60 times larger than
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the original estimates. the fed claims that did not affect the response to the disaster, but the commission chairman says the mistake led to other problems and made americans lose trust in the government. well, the chief of b.p.'s $20 billion disaster fund says he is making changes to speed up payment of claims as well as the size of the payments. he's kenneth feinberg. he says the changes will make the program more efficient and group the claims by industries. in the past five weeks, the fund paid out more than $400 million to 30,000 people and businesses. it took b.p. more than four months to pay out less than that amount. well, arizona policy on immigration sparked a national debate, as you know. now it could affect the balance of power in washington. tonight, how the controversial law has become an issue in the mid-term election. and president obama has a new proposal to improve the schools across the country. but before we tell you about it, you might want to take your kids out of the room. because they're not going to like this at all.
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>> shepard: a new poll tonight shows most voters in the state of texas would support a tough arizona style crackdown on illegal immigration. the poll for five major newspapers there shows 53% of registered voters say police should be allowed to verify immigration status of those suspected of other crimes and 38% say they oppose such a measure. it's a controversial issue, of course, now it's a political one as well. senate candidates in arizona debate the law there. trace gallagher in the west coast news hub, senator john mccain framing this as a human rights issue. how so? >> reporter: a couple of
7:22 pm
ways. one, he says politicians in mexico are targeted by the cartels that want to bring their drugs in the united states. he says hundreds of illegals are dying every year in the arizona desert because they're trying to sneak in this country. he says if we do not secure the board it will be a threat to national security and makes an interesting comparison. listen. >> there is a serious national security situation that developed in mexico over the last three years. our secretary of state just last week said that it was comparable to the insurgency they had in colombia in the 1980s. >> reporter: that was from last night's debate. he once supported pathway to citizenship but now says you can't talk about any guest worker program until you secure that border. >> shepard: mccain's challenger has a different take on this. >> reporter: he very much does. his name is rodney glassman. he says the arizona border is
7:23 pm
not as secure as the california border or if texas border but says you absolutely need to find a way to have foreign workers become legal. he points to a ma'am necessity bill -- amnesty bill for farm workers. listen. >> that is the kind of legislation that should be moving forward to make sure the economy can function and people can come here legally so we can separate those who are coming with ill purposes as opposed to those coming to work. we need pathway for 11 to 12 million people here. >> reporter: glassman is 32 years old, former tucson city councilman and a democrat in a red state and he has an uphill battle. in the latest rasmussen poll he's 14 points behind john mccain. the political experts say that mccain should have an easy time winning his fifth term. >> shepard: trace gallagher, live in l.a. this afternoon. thanks. thsouth of there, the blood
7:24 pm
continues to spill in mexico, where authorities are report -- have reportedly found a mayor and his aid dead on side of a dirt road. this is the fifth mayor in mexico that authorities found murdered since august. state prosecutors say someone found the mayor and his aide outside the small town in western mexico in the back of a pick-up truck there. the attackers tied their hands and hacked their faces with a machete. we're told the previous mayor resigned because of death threat. policy that children may be unanimously opposed but president obama says the united states should extend the school year in a big way. in an interview on nbc, the president says the students lose a lot of what they learn in school over the summer break. they say the united states children are in schools a month less than other advanced countries. cyber attack on a nuclear plant and experts say it's so
7:25 pm
complicated a foreign government likely behind it. hmm, foreign got. let's think about that. we're live at the pentagon. think airlines run out of ways to charge you more fees? sadly, you're wrong. a new poll shows that they are pretty much raking in record amounts of cash. 36 days until the mid-term election, you can keep tabs on the political action with our new iphone app from america's news headquarters. go to, click on the fox spotlight. upper right section and shortcut to american politics. [ manager ] you know...
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7:29 pm
>> my boyfriend said to me this doesn't look right. something is not right. the boat kept going and you can tell they were trying to stop it. >> we went straight in, full speed ahead. the engine was still on. we cruised right in the dock. >> shepard: the initial reports indicate a mechanical malfunction could be to blame. pennsylvania: authorities say a tow truck driver ran over a rival driver in philadelphia, killed him. police say it happened in the parking lot of a bar over the weekend. those authorities say the dispute was overa woman and towing territory. california: a team of biologists report it's trapped hundreds of water snakes in a lake in harbor city near los angeles. we're told they're not poisonous. this man says his dog caught one of them. >> used to go swimming. he came out, he came out with a snake. >> shepard: local report said people with the snakes as pets had been releasing them in the lake and surrounding parks. that's a fox watch across america.
7:30 pm
♪ ♪ >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is the "fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the pentagon tonight refusing to say whether united states government programmers created a powerful computer worm, one that is apparently targeting iran's nuclear facilities. iranian facilities announce it did hit computers at the nuclear plant but insist it hasn't affected major systems. the worm itself is called stucksnet. computer experts say it would have taken an entire team of programmers to create. this sort of team that might be available, ah, to a government. jen griffin at the top story of bottom of the hour. defense officials are not commenting on any involvele. they're not denying anything. >> reporter: that is true. the u.s. has a policy of no first strike when it comes to cyber warfare. the israelis do not have such a policy. we're told this worm essentially entered the computer at the nuclear power plant in iran through u.s
7:31 pm
u.s. us -- through usb thumb drives. it takes advantage of security holes in microsoft windows and may have been introduced by software provided by the german company siemen's. >> shepard: it wasn't limited to one spot, right? >> reporter: right. it struck 30,000 computers inside iran, including we're told one official in iran said the centrifuge, there was a glitch as a result of the worm at that plant. it's affecting most of iran. 60% were in iran but has spread to india and indonesia but hasn't touched the u.s. much. >> shepard: jennifer grich live at the pentagon. thanks. new information tonight on allegation of wide-spread cheating inside the f.b.i. the department of justice has a report that indicates
7:32 pm
investigators found evidence significant agents and supervisors cheated on major exam. it gauges knowledge of how and when they conduct surveillance on ordinary american citizens. according to the government report, they discovered f.b.i. employees used cheat sheets or compared notes taking the exam. a few agents took advantage of a computer program flaw that revealed the answers to the questions in front of them. last year, f.b.i. assistant director in washington retired as the officials reviewed test-taking in his office. president obama says help is on the way for thousands of small businesses across the nation. but rapes call the plan a taxpayer bail-out. the president signed a bill in law to cut taxes for small businesses and give banks $30 billion to lend them. >> along with the middle class, small businesses have born the greatest front of
7:33 pm
this recession. they, you, were hit by a one-two punch. the downturn meant people are spending less, so there is less demand and financial crisis made it difficult for small businesses to get loans. >> shepard: this afternoon on "studio b" south carolina can senator lindsey graham explained by most on his side of the aisle voted against the bill, though they support parts of it. >> there is some good things in this bill. >> what is good? >> there is regulatory reform. tax cuts targeted for small business. the $30 billion pot of money is a philosophical debate. should the federal government set up a fund with $30 billion to be lent by the private sector when there's not that much private sector ristk? that's what got us in the mess with housing to begin with. >> shepard: senator graham and other republicans say the best way to help small businesses is help the economy in general. wendell goler at the white house tonight. tell us more about what is in the bill that the president
7:34 pm
signed today. >> reporter: the bill contains eight small business tax cut or credit designed to go into effect immediately to encourage owners not to wait until next year to hire new workers or invest in new plants or equipment or expand healthcare coverage for workers. it also contains a pot of money for government loan subsidiaries allowing president to give good news to 1400 people waiting for small business administration loan approval. >> these are people ready to hire and expand and approved by their banks. well, when i sign this bill, the wait will be over. [ applause ] >> reporter: the president says the checks will go out in a matter of weeks and hopefully the small business owners will start expansion afterwards. >> shepard: again, republicans focussing on tax breaks and letting the bush era tax cuts expire, they say is not a good idea. >> reporter: the logic, republicans say, for extending the tax cuts for people making more than $250,000 a year is that a lot
7:35 pm
of small businesses fall in that category. several democrats signed on to temporary legislation and senator graham predicts it will happen. >> by the end of the year there will be a break-through where democrats and republican extend tax cuts across the board for a couple years to give certainty to the economy. >> reporter: the fact that the vote on the tax cut won't happen until after the election, house majority leader john boehner calls irresponsible. >> shepard: wendell goler, thank you. now a wisconsin prosecutor. crime victims accused him of abusing his position. now he says he is stepping down from office. he's ken kraatz. his lawyer says he will resign before the october 8 hearing that could result in a government kicking him out. he sent dozens of text
7:36 pm
message to domestic abuse victim reportedly trying to start an affair with her. sexting if you will. other women have stepped forward and made other claims. authorities are offering reward for information leading to arrest of a gunman they say opened fire at party and injured students. it happened at a house not far from seton hall university. the gunman tried to get in the party, but they wouldn't let him in, or kicked him out after he refused to pay a coverage charge. what did he do? according to authorities he came back with a gun. we're told he killed this 19-year-old woman, jessica moore, after she jumped in front of a friend to protect her. all over entrance to a party. a bullet reportedly hit moore in the head. >> i talked to her thursday. for something like this to happen it shocked me. it hurts a lot. a lot of people call me hysterical and i am trying to stay strong.
7:37 pm
>> woman at the party said the gunman did not appear to have particular targets. heat is on in the los angeles area. man, what a heat wave they're dealing with! mercury hit a record 113 degre degrees downtown. the previous record for any day, 112, in 1990. in beverly hills, 119. firefighters on high alert for wildfires. what are they doing to stay cool? >> very hot outside. two milkshakes. >> really hot. insanely hot. it was cold last week and now it's hot. >> really hot in the south bay, near mountains and foothills. >> that heat leading to wildfire alert. new video from thousand oaks, 30 miles from los angeles, bedroom community. we're told 70 firefighters working to control this after someone reported a fire this
7:38 pm
afternoon. so far, no one has had to evacuate a home for business. although you can see buildings in the area if you watch long enough. updates as the news warrants. two of the largest discounts of the nation combine for a major deal. ahead how it will affect the ticket prices you pay and routes you'll be able to fly. it could be the first step in a plan transfer of power. north korea's leader kim jong il, the leader giving his son a new title. why it's the biggest moment there in 44 years. and what it could mean for secretive rogue nation and really, all of us. that's next. my nasal allergies are ruining our camping trip. i kn who works different than many other allergy medications. hoo? omnaris. [ men ] omnaris -- the nose! [ man ] did you know nasal symptoms like congestion can be caused by allergic inflammation? omnaris relieves your symptoms by fighting inflammation. side effects may include headache, nebleed, nd sore throat. [ inhales deeply ] i told my allergy sptoms to take a hike.
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>> shepard: brand new tonight, north korea ruling party appears to have kim jong il's youngest son on path to succeed the dictator. they confirm tonight that the communist nation did promote him to rank of general. this is a new picture, with a south korean television channel claims is he, but we can't confirm him, because we haven't seen him since he was eight years old. it comes ahead of a rare party meeting that starts tomorrow. analyst, including one who appeared on "studio b" discussed leaders of the armed kingdom, as he puts it, will make crucial decisions in the hours ahead. >> what we'll see is a bunch of apointments, some of them military and some of them party, which will consolidate the leadership as kim jong il
7:42 pm
will like it to be con to dated for -- consolidated for when he is ready to step down from power. it centers around his son that we've been talking about. his sister. he has a younger sister. as well as his brother-in-law. >> shepard: the son, he is about 27 years old. don't really know. has no experience. we know nothing about him. the line of succession has been an issue for two years. ever since reports surfaced that kim jong il may have suffered a stroke. after dropping out of public view for a time, he has since reappeared in a transition seems to be underway. the palestinian president mahmoud abbas says there will be no quick decision whether to pull out of mideast peace talks. that comment comes after israel allowed a partial moratorium on settlement construction in west bank to expire in a public and visible way. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he will not renew the moratorium. president abbas said palestinians will quit newly relaunched peace talks if israel resumes building in the west bank, which it just
7:43 pm
did. the state department officials say they're disappointed with the israeli decision, but that the united states team will visit the region this week for follow-up talks. folks in new york and boston and atlanta can soon book more flights on the discount carrier southwest. the texas-based airline has just announced a merger to help compete in the northeast and all up and down the eastern seaboard, really, as well as smaller markets around the country. southwest airline, you're free to fly across the nation, set to buy the rival airtran for $1.4 billion. and this afternoon, again on "studio b" the ceo of fa said the merger would be big for southwest but it wouldn't put it in the same league as united, continental or delta. >> typical airline has 250 cities. this low-cost would be over 100. they have a way to go, but great news for travelers on both sides. you know, for low-cost
7:44 pm
travel. >> shepard: regulators and shareholders still need to approve the deal but we're told it should go through next year. sander smith from the fox business network is with us. southwest is cheaper, airtran the cheaper. now there will be more routes. sounds good. >> reporter: yeah. traditionally we see the prices go up. when you remove a competitor, it gives the other competitors more wiggle room to raise prices. this deal is different, though, because you take one of the smaller discount carriers off the table. southwest gets bigger, they get more routes, access to more cities and more access on northeast and along the eastern seaboard as you said. and now, this puts them in a position to be able to compete more with some of the bigger names like you mentioned like united and delta. at the end of the day, this could mean lower prices for the consumer. >> shepard: it could. it could hurt delta. flying through atlanta is what you have to do on the east coast. just about. delta and atlanta has been a stronghold. now southwest is there. really, this puts pressure on other airlines to
7:45 pm
consolidate, i would think. >> reporter: we have seen it. united and continental a few days ago, shareholders of both the companies approved the merger there. a lot of the airlines are struggling to make the profits. to grow, rather than growing organically, they find it's cheaper and faster to scoop up some of the smaller carriers on the cheap. we're seeing consolidation and move in the airline industry on daily basis now. >> shepard: how did the markets react? >> reporter: markets love a deal. we didn't see so much of that day. late-day selloff. dow gave back some of the gains over the last few weeks. lost 48 points. nasdaq fell 11. s&p 500 fell about 7. but airlines continued their rally. if you look at the broader market, s&p 500 up 9% this year. the airlines is a group up 47% this year. they're making a lot of money now. >> shepard: doing it off fees. >> reporter: yep. >> shepard: sandra smith from the fox business network, with the power to prospect. fewer airlines but still more fees. new analysis by "usa today" shows how much they've added in the way of fees.
7:46 pm
nation air carrier collecting tax from travellers. according to the newspaper, 13 airlines raked in combined $2.1 billion. during the second quarter of this year alone. one of the biggest money-makers, baggage fees as you might guess. airlines took in nearly $900 million from checked bags from april to june. most charged about $25 for the first bag but that can go up with additional bags. it's not just your luggage. many airlines now charge $300 to change a reservation, experts say all the fees and keeping track of which airlines charge them can make it difficult for consumers to compare ticket prices. the bush era tax cuts are still in limbo as fox reports tonight. now another plan to raise money by taxing the wealthy and some of the people who would be paying more are the biggest supporters. plus, nestle getting in the nutrition business. the candy company claims it's working on foods that could
7:47 pm
fight diseases. probably not the ones we're looking at now. but you never know. we'll get into that in a minute. first, we learned of two deaths today. one of hollywood. the other from the sports world. first, the oakland raiders today confirmed the hall-of-famer george blanda died. he was a quarterback and a place-kicker for record 26 seasons on three teams. in fact, he did not retire until he was 48 years old. george blanda dead at 83. family of the actress gloria stewart reported that she died last night in her home in los angeles. she got a start in "b" movies in the 30s. but she got a big break at the age of 87. she played the olderly rose in "titanic." ♪ ♪
7:48 pm
>> shepard: a lot of acclaim for that role. her career on stage, television and film spans more than seven decades. gloria stewart dead tonight at 100. ben and his family live on this block. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. re/max agents know their markets, and they care enough to get to know you, too. nobody sells more real estate . visit today. like medicare. this year, like always, we'll have our guaranteed benefits. and with the new healthcare law, more good things are coming:
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>> shepard: chocolate. nestle, the company that brings you everything from candy bars to purina dog food to perrier is now investing in foods to cure diseases. officials at nestle say they're pouring hundreds of millions of dollars in a subsidiary that will conduct biomedical research and try to create food that can fight diseases, obesity, diabetes and even heart disease. fox news is america's news headquarters. and a major shake-up in the
7:52 pm
new york governor's race. the conservative party candidate rick lazio announcing today he's out. lazio lost the g.o.p. primary to the tea party-backed candidate carl paladino. it's essentially now a two-way fight between paladino and the state's current attorney general, the democrat andrew cuomo. during today's announcement, lazio refused to back either candidate. >> i strongly believe that andrew cuomo cannot bring about change, but i remain unconvinced that carl paladino will bring the improvement that new yorkers need, deserve and want. >> shepard: lazio also said the race has, "defaulted to a mania over anger." the conservative party is expected to decide soon whether it will back paladino. we should point out, no republican has won statewide office without support from the conservative party since 1974. don't miss a special "on the record" with greta van
7:53 pm
susteren tonight. she talks one-on-one with rush limbaugh on his thoughts on the midterm election. that's "on the record" tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern on fox news. battle over taxing the wealthy, not just a hot political top nick washington state. come november, voters there will weigh in on a ballot measure to introduce a new state income tax. according to the proposal, individuals who make more than $200,000 a year and couples combined making more than $400,000 would see their tax bills go up. it would be the first such tax in washington state since 1933. of course this comes on the heels of lawmakers in the nation's capital debating extending some of all of the previous administration's tax cuts. dan springer is live in the seattle bureau. what is the word? >> reporter: the court's actually struck down the income tax in 1933. since then, voters rejected income tax four separate times, but supporters say this time it's going to be different because we're only going after the top 2.5%. and there is lots of money at
7:54 pm
the top of the wage-earners here. this would be a $1.7 billion a year tax. the biggest in state history. some against it, some of wealthy, founder and microsoft ceo steve ballmer on the right. the richest man bill gates is for it and his dad is the campaign spokesman. it's designed as the superrich and they've ignited class envy. >> for steve ballmer, that is a rounding error. when you are that wealthy, what is the difference between $13 billion and $13.1 billion? >> this is classic class warfare. they'll tax the stinking rich. >> reporter: some of it goes to education and healthcare. but supporters say it's fair because the current tax, sales tax, lets the rich off easily, but others say it
7:55 pm
will cost jobs and hurt small businesses that are successful. survey of business own toers found 79% oppose. then there is the trust issue. your trust in government, because in two short years the legislature can come back and amend the initiative and tax everybody on income. >> shepard: dan springer live in seattle this afternoon. thanks. now to the man that bought the company that makes the segway. remember it was the new mode of transportation? now an accident on one of the scooters has taken his life. tonightbe, what authorities are saying about the businessman's deadly fall. that's next. [ male announcer ] when it comes to energy bills, let's see how low we can go. let's do some little things... that help us save big. add some insulation here. a little weather stripping there. maybe an energy star-rated appliance, or two. let's save mey on the things that keep saving money. that way, we can turn a little energy into a loof savings. more saving.ore doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of staying at room temperature
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[ male announcer ] visit and put a confident retirement more within reach. the president of the indianapolis colts reports that the nfl will, indeed, expand its regular season to 18 games. he is bill pulane. he says the debate over the issue is over. it's a done deal. the league's commissioners and owners have expressed such a thing. they haven't yet said that they have reached a deal. you know those expensive two-wheel segway scooters that you steer by shifting your weight? well, the man who owns that company that makes them has just died riding one. jimmy hesselton has just bought control of the segway company last year. he was apparently testing out a new cross-country model at its estate north of london when witnesses saw him go right over a cliff. witnesses say it does not appear to be suspicious. just an accident. he was a former miner who made a
7:59 pm
fortune by developing a blast wall to protect troops in iraq and afghanistan. teams have also used his technology to protect communities from floods right here in the united states. top story upat a time now, significant ground operation in afghanistan is underway around the taliban strong hold of kandahar, so says a nato spokesman. and on this day in 1930, the hall of fame golfer bobby jones won the u.s. amateur championship and became the first person to win the grabbed slam of golf. he was born in atlanta but battled serious health issues as a boy. he quickly excelled at golf despite never having taken a lesson. swing picture perfect. in the face of enormous talent he never went pro. in fact, he mainly earned his living as an attorney. he even play wad rusty putter but bobby jones came out

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